Our products vary from very small sizes (less than one mm) to medium sized (ca. 70 mm). We are specialised in badge production of monoparts, single and in series up to 10.000+ parts and more. Assembly of bearings and weld pens is possible as well.

All measures have been taken to conform manufacturing to 'Grade 2' cleansing requirements. Our motto: soiling that doesn't get on, doesn't need to get off.

These photos show a few samples from our product line.



Vedos has years of experience in machining a large variety of materials:

free cutting steel, stainless steel, Monel, Molybdeen, Tantaal, Inconel

Aluminum, Titan, Tin, Phosphor, Aluminum Bronze, Brass

Nylon, Pom, Pei, Peek (TX)

Most of these raw materials are part of our 'iron' inventory.



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