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Our clients demand a lot of our products and delivery. Since 2009 we have an AMA Universal 'closed' cleaning machine at our disposal. This PER machine is the perfect solution for cleaning and degreasing large quantities of products that are not meant for cleanroom use.

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Since the beginning of 2012, we also have the ability to “alkaline clean” our products (water and soap). To that end we have a fully equipped Finnsonic (Versa+) cleaning installation at our disposal. It comes equipped with separate cleaning tubs with Ultrasone for ferro, non-ferro and synthetics, flushing tubs for rinsing with tab water and DEMI water (from a fully equipped DEMI installation). After treatment all products are dried with filtered hot air.

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To prevent renewed contamination of our products the entire cleaning installation is set up in a white room with pressurized filtered air.

After cleaning, the products are checked by ultraviolet light and packaged for cleanroom use in a (Class 5) flow unit installed in a second white room. We can also measure the corrosion resistance of stainless steel surfaces using an Oxyliser. This assures us that our products retain the original properties of the raw materials.

The combination of all this allows us to conform to 'ASML Grade 4' requirements for cleanroom use.

The cleaning process mentioned above is available not only for our own products, but also for those of third parties.

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